EasyWeb; not your usual recruitment agency…

What we do
When our new clients ask EasyWeb Agency “what type of roles we recruit for”, we thought the easiest way to explain would be to show them! Check out the list below for the full details of our most recent placements.

How we do it
We have a team of 10 very experienced recruiters here at EasyWeb Agency, each of whom specialise (really successfully) in different sectors including IT & Software, Engineering & Construction, Sales, HR & Recruitment, Finance, Manufacturing, Retail, Utilities, Food & Drink… the list goes on.

What is special about EasyWeb Agency?
You will get a really personal service with us here at EasyWeb Agency; the best, most experienced consultant in your sector will work with you to find the very best talent for your team.

We are all highly trained to deliver a great candidate experience, we know how important this is for your business (and we have some pretty awesome software to help us do this)

Our recruiters just recruit. We don’t waste our time making sales calls when we should be finding brilliant candidates.

And don’t forget to ask about our brilliant EWRewards scheme…

Recent placements by our Agency team

Job Title